‘Clash Royle’ Announces Balance Changes, But Its Revenue Appears to be Steadily Declining

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When Supercell’s Clash Royale (Free) launched back in January, it quickly become incredibly popular and started bringing in even more money to Supercell’s coffers. Fast forward a few months later, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that the game just isn’t as popular anymore. And according to a Wall Street Journal story, the game’s revenue is in decline as well with an estimated July revenue of $62 million, which is less than half of the $133 million the game generated in March, the month of its global release. Not great news at all, but at the same time not that surprising either.

I’m pretty certain Supercell is trying to find ways to rejuvenate the game, and the balance changes coming August 24th might be part of that plan. In this round of changes, the developers are focusing on the Royal Giant and on several of the Legendary Cards. The Royal Giant’s hit speed will decrease as will Zap’s stun duration, the Princess’ area damage radius, and the Ice Wizard’s hit points. The Miner’s deploy time will increase and its hitpoints decrease, Baby Dragon’s hit speed increased, and many more changes that you can check out here.

I don’t know how much these balance changes will help the game’s popularity, but as far as I’m concerned, Clash Royale has bigger issues when it comes to player retention. I used to play the game quite a lot – though hadn’t yet put any money in it – but I quickly felt that I was stuck around Arena 4 or 5. I would sometimes briefly visit some of the higher arenas but then would promptly end up back again. Yes, I know that if I played more and build better decks I could do better, but I was putting as much effort into the game as I did when I started playing Hearthstone, and still nothing.

Getting stuck in Clash Royale means you can’t even get all the cards – and I’m not even talking about Legendaries here. In a game like Hearthstone, if you’re very, very lucky, you can get your hands on all the cards (excluding the Adventure cards) – even though the odds of that happening are infinitesimal if you don’t put enough money into the game. However, there’s nothing in the design of the game that keeps cards away from you unlike Clash Royale. For me, that’s what needs to change in Clash Royale, not just the cards’ stats. I want to be able to play with all the cards if I’m lucky enough and see all the Arenas without having to play for hours and hours. Anyway, for now, get ready for the upcoming balance changes on the 24th.

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