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‘Zip Zap’ is a Weird Physics Puzzler Coming from the Maker of ‘Squaredance’ and ‘Sometimes You Die’

Philipp Stollenmayer, aka Kamibox, made a big splash with his supremely clever puzzle platformer Sometimes You Die ($1.99) back in March of 2014, and most recently he flexed his puzzle-designing prowess with the excellent color-combining, block-sliding puzzler Squaredance (Free). Oh, and he also made Pancake – The Game (Free). Today he’s revealed his next mobile puzzle game, and like many of his previous efforts, it’s an interesting blend of action-based puzzle solving. The game is called Zip Zap, and it’s simply about touching the goal in a level using various lengths of material that are connected by hinges, kind of like pieces of an Erector Set. Similar to another awesome puzzler Perchang ($1.99), when you touch the screen in Zip Zap you’ll activate a piece, and when you release it deactivates it. You’ll use that to inch, bounce, and swing your way towards each level’s goal. This short trailer does a way better job at explaining Zip Zap than I ever could.

It definitely looks like there’s a lot of potentially interesting things you can do with the mechanics of Zip Zap, and I’d expect no less from Kamibox based on their previous puzzle games. Right now Zip Zap is very close to being submitted to Apple, and Kamibox expect to release sometime in the next month or two. I’m really looking forward to this and anything else from this developer, so we’ll keep our eyes out for more information about Zip Zap as it approaches release in the coming weeks.