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Metroidvania ‘Tons of Bullets’ Hits iOS on September 22nd

Dr. Freakenstein, Fredbear Games, and PlayPlayFun’s Tons of Bullets looks like a rather interesting Metroidvania-style platformer, and if you’ve been curious to check it out after it was announced back in March, well, good news: the game is set to release on iOS on September 22nd. This will be followed by releases on Android, Mac, PC, Xbox One, and Apple TV. A new trailer showing off how the game has advanced since its initial reveal is now available. The game’s got some chunky, low-resolution pixel art, but there’s some interesting visual effects in play:

Tons of Bullets not only promises, uh, gobs of ammunition, but also teleportation, jetpacking, and swinging as part of its platforming. Plus, there’s going to be support for MFi controllers. And if you still have an iCade controller sitting around somewhere, then it’s going to support that, too! Keep an eye out for this on September 22nd, and check out the forum thread for more on this game.