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‘Burly Men at Sea’ Sets Sail Next Month Simultaneously on Mobile and Desktop

Brain&Brain’s upcoming Burly Men at Sea has been intriguing, not only because it has an accurate title with several burly bearded men, but also because it looks like a gorgeous storybook adventure game. Well, the good news is that after several months of the game being demoed, it’s nearing conclusion, with Kill Screen reporting from Gamescom that Burly Men at Sea will release on not just desktop but also mobile on September 29th. Check out the latest trailer:

Burly Men at Sea is meant to be more of a narrative experience than a puzzling game, but not without its aspects to discover for yourself. Which seems like an intriguing little mix for this kind of game. I’ve been curious to play this one for a while, and I’m excited to finally see this one come to fruition on September 29th. Plus, simultaneous mobile and desktop release makes the mobile gaming fanboy in me quite happy.