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‘Ignatius’ is Like the Silent Film-Themed Cousin of ‘Limbo’, Coming to iOS September 15th

Ok, ok, so the Limbo ($3.99) thing has been done to DEATH, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get excited for new games that use those familiar aesthetics. Case in point: Android platformer Ignatius from developer Sons of Welder could very easily be Limbo’s 1920s cousin. It features the same sort of dark and silhouetted visuals and is also a puzzle-centric platformer, but I’m actually pretty interested in the plot behind Ignatius. You play as a young boy named Ignatius who is bored with his monotonous life. (It only gets worse with age, Ignatius, trust me.) One night he runs into a theater director named Vigo and before you know it he’s transported into a silent film alternate reality. Your job is to escape this strange world by puzzling and platforming your way out.

It’s hard not to look at Ignatius at least a little cockeyed in terms of how closely it resembles Limbo, right down to the bright white eyes of the main character. However, the character and environmental designes are really interesting, as is the whole silent film theme, and it looks like far too much time and effort has been put into this one for it to be just a sleazy knockoff riding on the coattails of another game’s success. But I guess where that line is at is up to each individual person, and more than anything I’ll be judging Ignatius on how it actually plays when it arrives on iOS September 15th. In the meantime you can check it out on Android or drop by the forum thread for some discussion ahead of its iOS debut.