‘Rush Rally 2’ Getting Cockpit Camera and More in Update Coming August 18th

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In our review of Brownmonster’s Rush Rally 2 ($1.99), we called it “the best rally racer on iOS." But what happens when the best gets even better? Is it best…er? Even more best? The most bestest? Ah who cares, all that really matters is that on August 18th Rush Rally 2 is getting a brand new update that adds an oft-requested cockpit camera into the game. Brownmonster has recut the game’s App Store preview video with some new footage of this new feature, check it out.

In addition to the new view, this update will also migrate all the online player data from a hosting service over to Brownmonster’s own cloud server, which means results and ghost data should be served up to players even faster than before. Despite there not being a ton of options for rally racers on the App Store, even if they were a dime a dozen Rush Rally 2 would still rank up there as the best of the bunch. Players in our forums have been loving it for months, and we’re all pretty excited to see this latest update land next week on August 18th.

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