‘The Parlor’ Normal and Heroic Guide: Tips and Decklists for Defeating Wing 1 of ‘One Night in Karazhan’, the Latest ‘Hearthstone’ Adventure

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed playing through the Prologue of One Night in Karazhan, Hearthstone‘s (Free) newest Adventure. If you haven’t played the Prologue yet, you can check out our guide on how to defeat Prince Malchezaar. And now, the serious business of tackling the Adventure begins. Wing 1, The Parlor, has you walking through Karazhan along with Moroes, Karazhan’s steward, since Medivh has disappeared after the Prologue encounter. This Wing has three bosses, the Silverware Golem, the Magic Mirror, and Chess, and all three are quite entertaining. There are also 2 class challenges, Shaman and Priest. You’ll get 11 cards when you complete the Wing and the Class challenges, so plenty of lovely loot waiting for you at the end of The Parlor. This guide will cover all three bosses in both Normal and Heroic, so let’s begin.




Silverware Golem Normal and Heroic Boss Tips and Decklist

The first Boss of the first Wing is Silverware Golem, and if you’ve ever watched the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, you’ll find this encounter familiar. Your goal is to “reach the top of the tower before the party takes over," but the silverware is all there to stop you from doing so. your reward is Silverware Golem and Deadly Fork. The boss’ Hero power is the zero-mana Be our Guest and it summons a 1/1 Plate minion. So, as you can imagine, you will be getting lots of low-health minions on the board in this encounter.

Silverware Golem also has a 1/3 1-mana weapon called, appropriately, Spoon, along with other cards that buff those plates. There’s the 2-mana 2/1 Cup, which gives Plates +1 Attack, the 3-mana 3/1 Fork, which gives Plates Charge, the 5-mana 5/1 minion that gives Plates Taunt, the 5-mana Tossing Plates spell (that channels Oprah), which summons 5 1/1 Plates, and Set the Table, which gives Plates +1/+1. Other than that, this boss will play quite a few Warrior spells, like Slam, as a way to keep your side of the board in check.

As you can see, you’ll need a deck that can take out many low-health minions – usually 1 or 2 health ones – and that’s no hard task because there are a few classes than can do that. Going with a Mage deck will let you use your Hero power to take out those 1-health minions that are buffing the plates and in that way help keep the Golem’s board manageable. Minions like Wild Pyromancer, Ravaging Ghoul, and, of course, Doomsayer will help keep the board under control or clear it out if need be. You could also go the Flamewaker route that should help you take out most plates. Strong Taunt minions could work too, but Silverware Golem has decent removal options so it’s just better to go with clearing the board instead.

The Heroic Silverware Golem has 15 Armor on top of the 30 Health and it can summon 2 1/1 Plates instead of one with its hero power. Add to that better health minions, and you can see how your job gets much harder because you can’t easily keep that board under control. If you’re having a hard time taking this one down, use the decklist below by Toclimi:

– 2x Doomsayer
– 2x Frothing Berserker
– 2x Mind Control Tech
– 2x Wild Pyromancer
– 2x Fierce Monkey
– 2x Ravaging Ghoul
– 1x Brawl
– 1x Blood To Ichor
– 2x Commanding Shout
– 2x Protect the King!
– 2x Revenge
– 2x Battle Rage
– 2x Bolster
– 2x Shield Block
– 2x Whirlwind
– 2x Execute


Hearthstone Hearthstone


The Magic Mirror Normal and Heroic Boss Tips and Decklist

As you can probably guess from the name of this Boss, this encounter has echoes of Snow White, but this is not about seeing who’s the prettiest of them all (although you’ll hear that line during the encounter). Defeating this one gives you Arcane Anomaly and Pantry Spider. This boss is all about the Mirror’s passive Hero power called Reflections. Every time either you or the opponent play a minion, another copy of it is summoned but with 1/1 stats. The Mirror brings plenty of Spell Damage minions to the encounter, which give him extra spell damage because of the Reflections power, along with many weak minions.

Bringing many cheap minions is an easy way to build a strong board early, and you could even go with charge minions since the copy of a charge minion will also have charge. I played one of my Murloc decks and had a lot of fun since most of the Murloc minions are cheap and the more of them you have on the board the better.

Include in your deck cards that are buffed when cards are summoned – like Murloc Tidecaller and Darkshire Councilman – or cards like a Flamewaker whose duplication will let you double the damage you are doing. You can also go the same route as the Magic Mirror and throw in minions with Spell Damage to make your spells hit harder.

You’ll also have to make sure that you bring enough removal since the duplication effect will get your opponent’s board quite full fast. Since most of his minions are Spell Damage minions, you’ll have a hard time getting minions to stick on your board with all those Arcane Missiles coming your way if you don’t clear the board. At the same time, you can take advantage of the ease with which the Mirror can take out low-health minions and include a few good Deathrattle minions in your deck. Overall, as long as you bring good, cheap minions that use the duplication effect to their advantage and enough removal to keep the other side under control, you’ll easily take care of the Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror Heroic has 15 Armor on top of the 30 Health, and it gets a copy of ANY minion played, including your own, while you don’t get the benefit of the Reflections Hero power. The strategy changes here because playing cheap minions doesn’t help you much. If you’re having a hard time defeating this boss in Heroic, check out Kibler’s Warrior deck posted over at Hearthhead:

1x Whirlwind
2x Fiery War Axe
2x Battle Rage
2x Revenge
2x Armorsith
2x Protect the King
2x Shield Block
2x Frothing Berserker
2x Ravaging Ghoul
2x Death’s Bite
2x Bloodhoof Brave
2x Unstable Ghoul
2x Acolyte of Pain
2x Grim Patron
1x Baron Geddon
1x Hogger, Doom of Elwynn

Hearthstone Hearthstone


Chess Normal and Heroic Boss Tips

The last Boss of the Wing, Chess, is the only one where you don’t have to build your own deck. Instead, you get a deck with Chess-themed cards, most of which auto-attack at the end of the turn. You’ve got the 1-mana 1/6 White Pawn that deals 1 damage to the enemies opposite it, the 3-mana 0/6 White Bishop that restores 2 Health to adjacent minions, the 4-cost 4/3 White Knight that has Charge but can’t attack the enemy hero, the 7-cost 4/6 White Queen that deals 4 damage to the enemies across from it, and the 3-cost 2/6 White Rook that deals 2 damage.

What is important to remember in this encounter is that If a minion is between two enemies, it strikes them both. Your Hero Power lets you discover a chess piece while your opponent’s destroys the left-most enemy minion.  Keep in mind that if there’s no minion across from your auto-attack minion, it goes face and the same for his minions.

Since this is all about chess, you’ll have to be careful about how you position your pieces. Always try to take advantage of the ability to hit two of your enemy’s pieces at the same time. If you have an equal number of pieces as your opponent, make sure you take one of his out with your Knight or play another minion so you can hit for double damage. Also, use your Bishops to keep your high-attack pawns alive.

It’s a good idea to save your knights for the enemy’s queen since it’s easier to take her out that way and avoid her 4 damage per turn. And, of course, don’t put your strongest minions to your far left because Chess’ Hero power will take them out. Don’t be afraid to use your Hero Power often because with so few types of minions in play, you can almost always discover the one you’re seeking. Overall, this isn’t a difficult one and you should be quite entertained. Just remember, as in Chess, positioning is everything here.

In Heroic Chess, your Hero power no longer lets you discover a piece but, instead, costs 1-mana and lets you move a friendly minion left as many times as you want. The inability to discover a piece makes this Boss more RNG-based, but the new hero power helps you manipulate your pieces’ positioning as a response to the opponent’s plays. It’s imperative to keep the right minion in the gaps of your opponent’s minions and use your Hero power to ensure that Bishops are correctly placed to help your pieces while also absorbing taking damage from strong enemy pieces. Defeating this boss and the whole wing gets you Ivory Knight, Arcanosmith, Protect the King, Cloaked Huntress, and the first Legendary, Moroes.

Hearthstone Hearthstone

Hearthstone Hearthstone




This is all for Wing 1, The Parlor. I hope our guide has helped you take out those three pesky bosses and enrich your collection with some fun cards. Next week we are getting Wing 2, The Opera, that includes some really fun encounters – at least in name. As always, we’ll have a guide to help you take down Wing 2’s three bosses, so make sure to come back again next week and check it out. Until then, enjoy your new toys.


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