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Crescent Moon’s ‘Legend of the Skyfish’ Grapples onto the App Store Next Week

Prolific mobile games publisher Crescent Moon Games has announced that their next title Legend of the Skyfish, developed by MGaia Studios, is set to release on August 18th. Now, there’s a whole plot and story to the game, but why should this game intrigue you? Well, the protagonist uses a fishing rod as their primary utility, and it seems like a fishing rod created by Hephaestus himself, since it can be used as a sword-like melee weapon, but also as a hookshot. You can use it to pull remote items, and grapple to faraway locations. That, the general Zelda-inspired look, and “Skyfish" being close to “Wind Fish" from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening makes me wonder if that game was a key inspiration for this:

But lo, the Skyfish here is a villainous figure, enslaving the populace, forcing Little Red Hook to team up with the Moonwhale to defeat this ole Skyfish. The game is level-based with 45 different levels and some massive bosses to fight. The game will be releasing on August 18th, will feature MFi controller support, to go along with being a universal app for Apple TV.