‘Downwell’ Soundtrack to be Released on Vinyl

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The curious trend of video games getting vinyl soundtrack releases continues, with the rad Downwell ($2.99) – my personal favorite game of 2015 – getting a soundtrack release on vinyl by Black Screen Records. Eirik Suhrke, who composed the soundtrack for Downwell as well as Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99), will have his music along with two bonus tracks by Ilkae’s Aaron Munson. The Downwell vinyl will be pressed on red 180 gram vinyl, in a sleeve with new artwork by Mushbuh, and include a 12" screen print by nemk for those who preorder the album.

Downwell Vinyl

I suppose it is kind of silly that digital games worth $3 or $4 can get physical releases worth more, but it speaks to the value that a lot of people still place in physical products. They have a presence and value. It’s why some people go out and buy albums on vinyl without ever playing them, it’s just to own a big physical representation of the music, or of the game in this case. And the vinyl does look pretty cool here. I’m not into vinyl records myself – it seems like a hassle – but we can talk about my collection of surround sound mixes of progressive rock albums.

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