‘Pokemon GO’ Launches in Brazil, and Niantic Discusses the Articuno Controversy and Battery Saver Mode

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The mood around some Pokemon GO (Free) fans as of late has been a bit sour, but Niantic’s made some announcements that should soothe some of the tension. First up, they say the game’s launching in a few more Latin American countries, including Brazil. While Brazilians are often very vocal on social media about getting entities like popular musicians to tour their country, and Niantic is probably wise in making the Brazil launch a top priority, there’s another concern there. Namely, the Summer Olympics are set to happen, and all the visitors to Brazil are gonna want to catch Pokemon while they’re there. Just be safe and don’t catch Zika.

Niantic has also addressed the removal of the battery saver feature, saying that bugs were the reason for its removal, but that it should return. And with rumors of people getting legendary Pokemon spreading around, Niantic says that they were erroneously given to some players. That seems to confirm that some players have gotten them, but there’s also a whole crazy method for faking legendaries in the game, so believe nothing you see!

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