Paradox’s ‘Crusader Kings: Chronicles’ Is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Version of the Hit PC Game, Out Now

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Ever since Paradox Interactive declared its intention of bringing some of its big strategy games, such as Crusader Kings and Stellaris, over to mobile, I’ve been wishing for one thing; a Crusader Kings mobile game where I can play out all those complicated and often hilarious storylines that have made the game so famous. Well, although I won’t take any credit, Paradox decided to give us a game close to what I was wishing for. Crusader Kings: Chronicles ($4.99), which just now hit the App Store, is an interactive novel that has you playing as the second son of an indebted baron in the middle of war-torn borderlands.

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The story is written by M Harold Page, and I hope it shines with the ruthlessness that has become the trademark of the PC game Crusader Kings II. I haven’t played the game yet, so I don’t know how good it is, but I’m really hoping the gamebook manages to reproduce the crazy choices that make the PC ancestor of Crusader Kings: Chronicle one of my favorite grand strategy games. If you haven’t played Crusader Kings II, we are talking about a game whose Steam discussion threads have become legendary since they include topics like “Help, wife keeps murdering people," “how to use kids as a reward," and “how to become celibate." The previous grand-strategy-to-gamebook attempt by Paradox came in the form of Hearts of Iron: War Stories (Free), but unfortunately it was underwhelming. Here’s hoping that Crusader Kings: Chronicles does the franchise proud.

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