‘Pokemon GO’ Set to Launch in Japan Tomorrow with McDonald’s Sponsored Gyms

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Despite an extremely erratic global launch rollout, Pokemon GO (Free) is still not out in Japan. While the perpetual server issues suggest that Niantic are being cautious with what is possibly the most hardcore and fanatical Pokemon loving nation in the world, it is still bizarre that the home of the series still has not received a game that has taken the rest of the world by storm. Thankfully, that wait appears to be over, as according to TechCrunch sources, Pokemon GO is set to launch in Japan tomorrow, ending the long and arduous wait for any Japanese players to go out into the world and catch virtual critters on their smartphones; further launches in Asian regions are also stated to take place later this week.

Furthermore, news we brought to you last week suggesting a rollout of sponsored locations – specifically in this case McDonald’s – is also indicated to take place at launch for Japan, with around 3,000 restaurants in the fast food chain becoming Pokemon gyms. While this is somewhat ironic based on some of the incredible health and fitness stories that Pokemon GO has created in the past few weeks, the success of this Japanese trial will certainly be influential in seeing if other regions will get similar treatment, and will almost certainly be a massive financial boon for Niantic and Nintendo. While – based on Canada’s impact on the Pokemon GO servers – I would suggest to be cautious when putting down that lure or using a lucky egg tomorrow as Japan joins in on the fun, it is certainly awesome to see the protracted launch of Pokemon GO finally approach the finish line.

[via TechCrunch]

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