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Top-Down Co-Op Shooter ‘Dash Galactic’ Enters Open Beta on Google Play

Kiz Studios, makers of popular mobile titles like Wonky Ship (Free) and Might and Mayhem (Free), are currently working on their next mobile project, a top-down shooter called Dash Galactic. Featuring a purposely campy ’50s-style sci-fi theme, Dash Galactic has you blasting away evil enemies from the TOXON Corporation using any of 12 different playable heroes each with unique abilities. The real standout feature though is its real-time cooperative multiplayer for up to 3 players that’ll have you blasting away at bad guys with your buddies at your side. Check out the awesome trailer for Dash Galactic to see it in action.

If you’re more of a solo player, that’s fine too as Dash Galactic will also feature offline solo play, though the game’s unlockable loot and progression system are definitely geared more towards rewarding teamwork. Dash Galactic is heading to both iOS and Android, but at the moment it’s actually available exclusively on Android as part of an open beta. If you’re and Android owner and would like to get in on that action, you can sign up for the open beta here. Everyone else can look forward to Dash Galactic launching on both platforms globally in the near future.