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‘Star Crew’ is a Clever Color-Based Shooter from the Makers of ‘Motor World: Car Factory’ and ‘Monster & Commander’

Oh BiBi Socialtainment, makers of the popular casual sim Motor World: Car Factory (Free) and the monster collecting/battling game Monster & Commander (Free), have just unveiled their latest upcoming mobile project, a vertical shooter called Star Crew. What stuck out to me about Star Crew is its color mechanic which has you picking a team of 3 fighters out of a large cast of characters who are one of the primary or secondary colors. While playing you can switch between your 3 fighters at will and your attacks are more powerful when blasting an enemy that’s the same color as your current fighter. Here’s a lengthy video of an in-development version of Star Crew to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like. Just keep in mind that the game is still in an early state.

I really dig the color-swapping mechanic as it forces you to be managing switching characters when appropriate while also dodging fire and firing back like you would in a typical shooter, adding a cool extra layer to the experience. I also really like how extensive the cast of fighters appears to be with different rarity levels and upgrade paths. It seems like a really cool concept, and Oh BiBi is actually looking for early feedback from actual players so they can tweak the experience for the better before officially releasing. If you’re interested in tossing in your two cents head over to the forum thread where Oh BiBi are offering up codes for an early look at the game, and we’ll follow along with this one and let you know when it looks like Star Crew is ready for a proper release.