Nitrome and Eneminds Release ‘ReDungeon’, a Brutal Endless Dungeon Crawler

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Surprise, Nitrome’s got a new game out now, called Redungeon (Free). They’re describing this as kind of being the Platform Panic (Free) of top-down dungeon crawlers, in that you collect coins and have multiple characters that you can upgrade. This one has you moving from tile to tile in real-time, trying to avoid the many deadly hazards that populate this deadly dungeon you’re exploring. Your different heroes that you unlock along the way can help you out by taking out enemies, keeping you safe, being immune to hazards, and more.

This game is actually another published title by Nitrome, with Eneminds doing the development on it. It actually kind of feels like a Happymagenta game in some ways more than a Nitrome game, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. Plus, it still has great pixel art no matter how you shake it. Prepare to die early and often. There’s a $3.99 ad removal IAP that also gives you one free continue (instead of having to watch a video for it), and various coin packs for buying and unlocking new characters.

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    The wall in front of me starts to shake and hurtles towards me….I’m dead! Spike holes are underfoot it’s already t…
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