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‘Don’t Be Squared’, an Endless Auto-Runner with Platform-Drawing Mechanics, Launches Globally June 30th

Last month, developer SuperHippo announced their upcoming auto-running platformer Don’t Be Squared on our forums, and then at the beginning of this month they soft-launched it in select territories. Yesterday, they again took to our forums to announce that Don’t Be Squared finally has a global release date, and it’s next week on June 30th. Don’t Be Squared has a fantastic art style and seemingly great auto-runner mechanics, but what makes it stand out is a platform-drawing mechanic similar to the old Nintendo DS game Yoshi: Touch and Go, which I enjoyed quite a bit a decade ago. Here’s a quick trailer from last month showing the gameplay in Don’t Be Squared.

Of course, being that it’s been soft-launched for a few weeks now and many members of our community have iTunes accounts in all sorts of regions, you can grab Don’t Be Squared right now by mashing this link if you have an account in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or Romania. Or you could just like wait a week, you know? No matter the case Don’t Be Squared is looking really cool and I’ll personally be waiting for its full launch next week, and I’m really looking forward to it.