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Gorgeous Puzzler ‘Perchang’ Gets New Trailer Ahead of Launch this Thursday

Last month we learned that Ben Murch, who you may know from developer Rodeo Games, has struck out on his own with a new company called Perchang. Their first game, by the way, is also called Perchang, and it looks like a phenomenal puzzler that has you controlling red and blue contraptions in an effort to get as many balls into the goal as possible in each level. It’s described as Marble Madness meets Lemmings, which seems like an apt comparison. A couple of weeks following that announcement we learned that Perchang would be coming on June 23rd, and seeing as that’s just a day or so away, Perchang the company saw fit to release a brand new launch trailer for Perchang the game.

It’s funny because when they sent this new trailer our way, I took the opportunity to watch the first trailer over again to get an idea of how this one was different, and was kind of shocked to see that I noticed a bunch of new little details about Perchang after viewing that first trailer agin. This is going to be an extremely tricky game and both that older trailer and this brand new one really show how complex some of the levels can get. I’m really excited to finally give this one a shot so look for Perchang in our weekly new games roundup list tomorrow.