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‘Perchang’ to hit the App Store on June 23rd

We recently talked about Perchang’s upcoming game so if you want a brief background story, check out this post. Today they announced that their first game, also named Perchang, will be out on June 23rd. To refresh your memory it will be a puzzle action strategy game with a mixed variety of game elements set in a minimalistic environment that unavoidably evokes the likes of Mirrors Edge and Portal.

The aim is simple: get your marbles from one point to another using contraptions and avoiding the many traps on the way. You will be able to control colored items in the stage by tapping on the corresponding buttons; magnets, flippers, fans, portals, trampolines, to name but a few. The trailer will do better than me explaining the principle.

The game will be initially available to iOS devices on June 23rd for $1.99, with an Android release set for shortly after and maybe even other platforms to follow.