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‘Mighty Match’ Merges Match 3 and Dungeon Crawling on iOS, Coming Soon

Amidst the ever increasing influx of free to play games that are riddled with timers and in game currency, there has been a backwards reaction from fans and developers alike rejecting this culture and desiring an experience that is immediate and complete from the moment you download it. Even though there are some excellent freemium games such as Clash Royale (Free), and such a pricing model normally has its merits, publisher Playmium have decided to make their own stand. They have pledged to only produce games with zero IAPs that are completely sponsored, meaning you will never have to pay for their releases. Mighty Match is the newest game from the developers, and despite its interesting monetisation, it seems like a very interesting app in its own right.

Mighty Match appears to take the best of match three type gameplay and and combine it with a dungeon crawler to great effect. You play as an incredible warrior chicken who traverses his environment by matching and collecting swords, coins and shields and attacking enemies, and as the trailer demonstrates, there are some special poultry powers such as super strength and firing rockets that can be used to help defeat the powers of evil. While it seems somewhat difficult to place a finger on the exact mechanics and influences of Mighty Match, it looks beautiful in action and with the promise of legendary bosses and the ability to upgrade weapons and spells, it certainly will be one to chicken the App Store (sorry) when it launches in the coming weeks.