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‘Power Rangers’ to Get Movie Tie-in Mobile Game in 2017

The Power Rangers are coming back with a new movie releasing on March 24, 2017, because no retro franchise shall go un-rebooted. I loved Power Rangers as a kid, but also remember being mocked for my Power Rangers backpack, so I’m not sure just how much retro love there is for Power Rangers. Regardless, Hollywood’s gonna try to make this a cultural phenomenon again (with Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa?!) and there of course will be a tie-in mobile game.

Power Rangers 2017

The Power Rangers mobile game will be developed by nWay, who are working on ChronoBlade, which looks well-made if not Power Rangers 2017formulaic. Though, that’s kind of the par for the course for action-RPGs. No real details on this one yet beyond the studios behind the game, but at least a developer with some talent is working on this. We’ll see just what becomes of this one.