‘King Rabbit’ from RareSloth Gets New Levels and Secrets in Update

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We’re big fans of RareSloth’s King Rabbit (Free) around here, and the game has just gotten another big, free content update after its launch. The main campaign has been extended with 16 new levels, so if you’ve beaten it and need more rabbit-y goodness in your life, here you go. Three new achievements and a new leaderboard are here for you competitive completionists. Adventurous types will have more hidden diamonds to dig up, with diamond progress now visible in the level select screen. And the people who like to play their own music while they play King Rabbit will be happy to know that background music now works in the app. This goes along with the standard “bug fixes and performance improvements" you’d expect an app update to have.

And if you need more King Rabbit in your life, we’ve gotten word that more content for the game might be coming sometime this year to go along with a new project from RareSloth, so stay tuned for more from this studio that’s made some solid games.

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