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‘Heavy Metal Tennis Training’ Finally Brings Hellfire to Tennis

For far too long, tennis and heavy metal have been separated. Tennis is way too buttoned up, and Wimbledon is like…the least metal thing ever. It’s a bunch of folks wearing all white during the middle of the day. Maybe that’s good if you’re way into metalcore and other forms of false metal, but for us trve kvlt people, tennis just ain’t cutting it. Thankfully, one developer is here to deliver tennis from the false metal fools and straight into the flames of hell with Heavy Metal Tennis Training.

That’s right, you spin your hair like you’re in Amon Amarth, and your guitar tennis rocket. You return flaming tennis balls at evil tennis machines that explode into flames of hellfire from below. When you hit it into the net, the net explodes into flames, too. I’m pretty sure that’s the concept of a Behemoth song. While I’d love for something like Tennis Champs Returns (Free) but metal-themed, a Colin Lane-esque metal tennis game is my jam. Check out the forum thread, and get ready for some hellish tennis action on June 29th.