‘Cthulhu Realms’ Deckbuilding Game from Designer of ‘Star Realms’ Now on App Store

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White Wizard Games, the fine folks behind the popular Star Realms (Free), have just released their latest deckbuilding game onto the App Store, and it will drive you to madness. Cthulhu Realms (Free) is a fast-paced deckbuilding game from Darwin Kastle, designer of Star Realms. You’ll start with 5 cards, allowing you to put locations in play, boost your sanity (this is a Lovecraftian-inspired game after all), collect power, or remove cards. The last sane person standing wins!

Cthulhu Realms

The game is a free download to check it out. You can check out the tutorial, play 8 campaign missions, and take on the AI for free. Buy the full version, and you get online multiplayer, local pass-and-play, and more singleplayer options. This deckbuilding game seems interesting, and people love Star Realms. Plus, at a free download to check it out? Why not?!

  • Cthulhu Realms

    Star Realms has gone insane! Introducing Cthulhu Realms! Are you zany enough to play the crazier and creepier cousin of …
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