Double Surprise! ‘Heroes of Loot 2’ is Out Right Now!

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Orangepixel’s Heroes of Loot 2 [$3.99] was surprisingly announced to release this week, what with the busy times over the summer with various big releases and sales sure to hit. The game got approved for sale quickly enough that a June 9th relase was planned. However, Orangepixel’s Pascal Bestebroer accidentally hit a wrong button, and the app wound up releasing a couple days early. Instead of pulling it from sale or hiding the blunder, he’s just rolling with it, so Heroes of Loot 2 is yours to buy right stinking now, with the half-off early-buyer discount.

This is a procedurally-generated dungeon crawler that will have you exploring dungeons full of deadly enemies, and allowing you to collect permanent upgrades to help you in later runs after you inevitably fall. It’s looking like a fun, fast-paced dungeon crawler, and if Space Grunts ($3.99) was too slow as a turn-based game for you, this might be more your speed.

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