‘Clash of Clans’ Mods, Hacks, and Cheats Resulting in Permanent Bans for Players Using Them

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Things have been heating up over the last few months in the world of Clash of Clans (Free) when it comes to Supercell’s commitment to getting rid of cheaters running the various hacks and mods out there. Long story short, people running these various third party utilities were given temporary bans as a warning of sorts, but the gloves are coming off and the people who haven’t reformed will be permabanned inside of the next few days.

Supercell is quick to point out that while false positives are always possible, there hasn’t been a single legitimate false positive recorded yet. This sort of thing is usually the case for cheat detection, as people who get caught love to claim they weren’t running anything they shouldn’t be… In actuality, typical cheat detection involves looking for very specific files on your device or very specific things actively running while you’re playing a game. If it’s finding those things, well, you’re a cheater.

Supercell expects to see “HEAPS" of players coming to complain about their bans, and is asking that they get directed to this forum thread and they’re saying that Supercell support is investigating every case where people think they were unfairly banned. If you’ve already been cheating in Clash of Clans, it might be too late for you. If you were thinking of trying out any of the third party cheats/mods/etc out there… With Supercell being this vigilant… I would not.

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