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‘Gun Glory: Anarchy’ Features Zombies, Giant Robots, and Bunny Hats

Flange Studio has announced their upcoming Gun Glory: Anarchy, a third-person shooter set to drop in June worldwide. This colorful cover-based third-person shooter will have you playing as one of a motley crew of heroes fighting pretty much every enemy in the book from giant robots to zombie hordes. The weapons seem to range from the practical like shotguns, to laser cannons and katanas. And the heroes have some range, too, including a bunny-hat-wearing heroine that, yeah, could probably be Louise from Bob’s Burgers. I’d want her on my side in a fight against giant robots and zombies.

Gun Glory: Anarchy will boast several different modes to go along with its kitchen sink of everything else in the game, including multiplayer options. This one’s looking rather interesting, or at least like it’s Flange Studio trying to put everything anyone could ever want from a shooter into a single game. Keep an eye out for it later this month.