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Roguelike/4X Strategy ‘Hero Generations: Regen’ Releases First Trailer and Announces an August Release

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A few weeks back I wrote about an upcoming roguelike with a twist called Hero Generations: Regen, and now we have the first trailer and a possible release date. If you haven’t read the original story, Hero Generations: Regen has you exploring a procedurally-generated world while ensuring that your character leaves behind an offspring before meeting his or her inevitable demise in order for the journey to continue. Every step your character takes is one year of his life, so you don’t have the time to wander aimlessly around for too long.

The game lets you chart a variety of paths across the world – like focusing on building and crafting or simply adventuring – and has a pretty nice art style as you can see in the trailer. The game is a remake of Hero Generations, but the engine is new and there are many additions that should make it fun to play even for those who’ve played the original. The developers are planning for an August release, so keep an eye out if you enjoy roguelikes on your iOS and Android devices.

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