‘Solforge’ Huge Update Is Out, and it Makes the Game Fun Again Despite Some Issues

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After waiting for quite some time for Solforge (Free)to get its much-needed UI and economy update, the day has finally come, and now you can finally enjoy what the game has to offer without too many UI issues. The lane-based CCG with its very clever leveling mechanic was one of my most-played iOS games for quite a long time, but the pretty laggy UI forced me to stop playing. Now that the new update is up, I’ve started playing again and remembered how much I enjoy the game and how refreshing it is to be able to play something that really gets my mind going in a very different direction than Hearthstone. I really like CCGs, so I’m glad I get to have two very different ones to spend time on.

The new UI and the new client in general make the game play much better than before, with better deckbuilding and better on-screen information both on the home-screen and while in a match. Also, the changes in the amount of silver and the number of event tickets (tournaments and drafts cost tickets to enter) a player can earn every day make the game a pretty good fit for F2P players. For instance, Solforge‘s Draft mode (similar to Hearthstone‘s Arena) lets you keep the cards you draft, which is a pretty easy and cheap way to improve your collection.

However, keep in mind that the client is still laggy at the moment, but this time around the lagginess feels more like teething issues than anything else (at least I hope so). And despite the client being much improved, there are still some peculiar design decisions in the battle screen with too much screen real estate wasted. Despite these issues, I’ve been really enjoying playing the game again, and I suggest you give it a shot if you are into CCGs even a bit. The update is out for iOS, but it has run into some issues on the Android side, so hopefully they will be resolved soon.

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