‘Human Resource Machine’, By The Developers Of ‘World of Goo’, Has Released on the App Store

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Seemingly out of nowhere this morning, a port of the PC game Human Resource Machine ($4.99) was released on the App Store. From the developers who brought us indie classics such as World of Goo ($4.99) and Little Inferno ($4.99), anyone who did not play the original game on Steam can be assured it’s both an excellent puzzle title and a very solid port to boot. While appearing to be a simple puzzle game, Experimental Gameplay Group have added an interesting educational aspect to the title as it demonstrates how the inside of a computer works, but with their signature art style instead of an endless list of binary, which certainly would not be as fun to play. Here’s a launch trailer from the original PC release to help get your head around the gameplay:

Human Resource Machine received very good reviews on other platforms and on iOS is half the price of its PC counterpart. Its comforting yet extensive difficulty curve means regardless of your experience with maths or computers this seems to be welcoming entry point into learning the inner machinations of the machines you take for granted. Be sure to share your thoughts on this potential sleeper hit on our forums.

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