Space Strategy Adventure ‘Star Nomad 2’ Has Arrived on the App Store

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We wrote a few days ago that Star Nomad 2 ($7.99), the very ambitious space game by developer Anh Huy Phan, was about to drop onto the App Store today, and apparently it has arrived on time and is now available for download. Ambitious is definitely a word that fits the game as it is a combat/strategy/RPG/trading game that Phan describes as a blend of Mount & Blade and FTL. So, as you can tell, this game doesn’t lack either ambition or scope. The game is set in a dynamic open-world sandbox that figures an evolving conflict between three splinter groups. You get to travel around this hostile environment as a merchant, bounty hunter, pirate, miner, smuggler, or even a wanderer, all the while influencing the world with your actions or in-actions.

Phan promises plenty of random events that bring the world alive and a dynamic economy with logistical supply and demand. In other words, the world around you should feel pretty real (as real as possible, of course) and your actions should feel like they carry weight. If the developer has managed to pull this part off, it will be fantastic. Star Nomad 2 also includes squad-RPG progression, real-time combat with tactical pause, and much more. So if you’ve been looking for a game to play for a ton of hours, Star Nomad 2 might be it. Just keep in mind that the game only plays on iPad Air 1 and over, iPad Mini 2, and iPhone 6 Plus (all running iOS 9.0+).

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