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‘Card Crawl’ Developers Bringing ‘Enyo’, a Tactical Roguelike to Mobile

The German-based developers Tinytouchtales, in collaborating with artist Max “Mexer" Fiedler, have a childish yet satisfying distinguishable art direction. I urge you to try Card Crawl (Free), their 2015 solitaire style dungeon crawler to see what I am talking about. The upcoming Card Thief should bring more of the same as it is the sequel to Card Crawl, and the first gameplay teaser looks great. However, for their latest upcoming project Tinytouchtales have teamed up with fantastic artist/developer Winnie Song for a tactical roguelike called Enyo which, like their previous games with Mexer, has a very distinct and striking style. Enyo is based off of their 7 Day Roguelike game Hook & Shield which they released earlier this year.

In Enyo (and Hook & Shield) you will find yourself in an arena with no weapons and just a hook and shield (that’s probably where they got the idea for the title) that will help you in defeating your enemies by pushing and pulling them into lava and spikes. The gameplay seems yet again rewarding as, for example, bomb wielding enemies become weapons as they blow up with other enemies caught in the blast radius. Head over to the 7DRL web based version of Hook & Shield to get a feel of what is to come to iOS and Android with Enyo, which is in beta right now.