Innovative Platformer ‘The Amazing Bernard’ Jumps Onto the App Store

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As far back as August 2015 we caught our first look at auto runner/platformer hybrid The Amazing Bernard (Free), which caught our eye with its interesting take on the genre with innovative mechanics such as being able to create platforms and springs using the touch screen to keep your adventurer progressing over numerous different worlds, environments and even to fight off giant enemy crabs. Unfortunately, its initial release of late 2015 was pushed back to February 2016, and when this later due date was missed, the future of this creative platformer was up in the air. Thankfully this protracted release saga has come to an end as tonight The Amazing Bernard has launched on the App Store, coupled with a launch trailer with a rather inspired music choice which sums up the quirky feel of the game:

While our initial criticisms of the game being somewhat slow and floaty appear to remain, the really innovative way you can place objects and create your own platforms to survive more than makes up for this. Unlike so many other platformers on the App Store, The Amazing Bernard seems to be a rare exception which you wouldn’t be able to find on many other traditional consoles. With the promise of a challenge mode of 30 levels and an endless runner mode, definitely consider joining the self proclaimed “Amazing Bernie O’Tag" on this unorthodox adventure, and don’t forget to detail your trails on our forums.

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