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‘Sacred Legends’ Brings ‘Sacred’ RPG Series to Mobile, and it Needs Beta Testers

The Sacred franchise of games has spanned a whole host of titles, including action-RPGs and beat ’em ups. Now, the series is planning to expand to mobile with Deep Silver Fishlabs and Chimera Entertainment presenting Sacred Legends this summer. This is planned to be an action-RPG where you will command a team of heroes through not only a singleplayer campaign, but also in PVP battles against other players.

The plan is for Sacred Legends to launch as a free-to-play game, with hero-collecting, weapon-forging, and just general loot-gathering to be had here. This one could be interesting as a take on a PC RPG franchise but as a mobile action-RPG. And if you want to give it a shot for yourself, the developers are looking for beta testers to help out before the game’s launch. Sign up at this link.