Barry Leitch’s ‘Horizon Chase’ Soundtrack With Extra Remixes Now Available

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The fun retro-styled racing game Horizon Chase (Free) was really cool thanks in part to the fact that Aquiris Game Studio got Barry Letich to do the soundtrack for them. The game was obviously inspired by games like Top Gear, and Leitch composed the soundtrack to Top Gear, so it was a perfect fit. If you enjoyed the music to the game and have wanted to listen to it yourself, then good news – you can not only nab the soundtrack, but a whole host of remixes right now. The tracks include 15 tracks from the game, including the music from the hidden marriage proposal in the game. As well, 11 remixes of the music spanning all sorts of styles are available.

You can pick up the album digitally at most digital music stores, but you can get it for $5.99 (or more) at Bandcamp, which is where you should be buying as much of your music as possible, since they have the best cuts for artists, and offer lossless FLAC music. Because it shouldn’t be as hard as it is to get CD-quality download music legally. If buying music isn’t an antiquated enough notion for you, then Barry Leitch actually sells the CD (albeit without the remixes recently added) on his website. And if you can’t get enough, then you’ll be glad to know that Leitch has done an orchestral arrangement of music from Top Gear and Horizon Chase for Tommy Tallarico and Video Games Live, which will be recorded in June, and performed in Brazil in August.

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