‘Monument Valley’ Had More Players in Year 2 Than Year 1

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ustwo Games has put out another infographic talking about how Monument Valley ($3.99), their hit Escherian puzzle game, has done so far. And year 2 was very good for them. Over 5 million copies of the game have been sole, with over 2.3 million upgrades to the Forgotten Shores DLC. There’s also 21 million official free downloads of the game, which includes various free promos, and over 50 million unique device installs of the game of various sorts, both legal and not.

Interestingly, the second-highest single-day revenue for the game came 2 days after House of Cards season 3 released, and the episode with the game featured in it was seen by people, which helped spur major sales of the game. iOS remains the biggest platform for Monument Valley revenue, with 73% coming from it, and 20% coming from Android platforms, the rest being made up by Windows, distribution deals, and merchandising. There’s more numbers and data on the full post talking about the data – which is very detailed, and last year’s infographic proved to be quite influential among developers and investors – including the fact that over 1.8 million Totems have been crushed. You monsters.

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