Fantastic Puzzler with Extensive Level Editor ‘Mekorama’ is Now Available for “Pay What You Want”

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Back in March we told you about Mekorama, a slick new puzzler from developer Martin Magni, who brought us last year’s hit puzzle platformer Odd Bot Out (Free). Over the weekend, Mekorama (Free) officially launched in the App Store and so far it’s been creating quite the buzz in our community. Mekorama is similar to the hit Monument Valley ($3.99) in that you’re guiding your character along a 3D structure to a specific end point. Levels don’t necessarily have impossible perspectives like that Escher-inspired game, but there are various moving parts and puzzle-like elements to pass on your journey. There are 50 pre-made levels included but the real heart and soul of Mekorama is in its fantastic level editor and sharing levels online with the world.

The level editor in Mekorama is quite user-friendly, but perhaps the coolest part is the way you share your levels by posting an AR code which you can scan with the game to import it. Even after just a few days, there are already tons of custom levels being shared in the game’s forum thread, and with how easy it is to make and share levels I can see Mekorama living a long, happy life being supported by a strong community.

Another interesting part of the game is that it’s completely free to downloadwith all features available, and if you feel like it, the developer has set up a “pay what you want" IAP system that ranges from 99¢ to $31.99. You can pay whatever you think the game is worth, including nothing at all, if that’s what you want. It’s an interesting pay model and Magni is going to use this as sort of an experiment to influence how he prices his next game.

So basically there’s no reason not to download and try Mekorama. Being that Magni wrote his own engine and uses procedural music generation for the game, the entire thing only weighs in at 6mb, so even those with iOS devices with not a lot of storage space don’t have any excuse. Check it out, and be sure to comb through the forum thread for user-created levels, or search for them on Twitter with the #mekorama hashtag, and don’t forget to take a crack and making and sharing your own.

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