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‘Mekorama’ is an Upcoming Puzzler from the Developer of ‘Odd Bot Out’

It was just about a year ago that we reviewed Odd Bot Out (Free), an extremely clever and challenging physics puzzler that was entirely the work of solo developer Martin Magni who created the engine from scratch, implemented a custom physics engine, drew all the artwork, designed all the levels, and composed all the music. Pretty impressive! Well Martin is back with his latest project, another puzzler starring an adorable robot but decidedly different from Odd Bot Out. It’s called Mekorama, and it sees you navigating little 3D diorama-style levels by swiping to change views, uncovering hidden paths, and solving puzzles to clear the way for your bot. Check out the very first teaser for Mekorama.

It’s easy to compare Mekorama to Monument Valley ($3.99), given how you’re solving puzzles in order to guide a character through 3D architecture, and I think both games definitely have a similar feel. However, Mekorama will feature a level editor and the hope is that players will really take to creating and sharing their own diorama levels online, giving the game endless replayability beyond the initial 50 levels it will ship with. If this sounds interesting to you, Martin will be seeking bet testers for Mekorama in our forums, so swing by there for a chance to try out the game early. No firm release date has been set but look for Mekorama to launch “soon-ish" according to Magni.