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Upcoming Side-Scrolling Shooter ‘Super SteamPuff’ Looks Really Cool

New developer Weyrdworks Studio describes themselves as “just two guys from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia making video games from hipster cafes" and last week they unveiled their first iOS project, a sweet-looking shooter called Super SteamPuff. It’s a side-scrolling style shooter blended with platforming elements and it contains a huge cast of characters and a ton of cool weapons. The main single-player mode has you facing off against an endless supply of baddies and epic boss fights (spaghetti monster, anyone?), and there’s a local same-device multiplayer mode as well so you can blast your friends in the face, which is always fun. Check out the trailer.

As is all the rage nowadays, Super SteamPuff will have an extensive cast of playable characters which you’ll unlock through a gacha machine which Weyrdworks has dubbed the “all-powerful Infinite Probability Machine (IPM)." You’ll also be able to unlock different controller skins and flags to represent your space crew with. Super SteamPuff looks like a fun idea executed well, and you can find more screens and information in the thread in our forums, as well as some instructions for signing up to beta test. Look for Super SteamPuff at some point in the next month or so.