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‘BlazBlue RR’ is a ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Take on ‘BlazBlue’ That Just Soft Launched

BlazBlue Revolution Reburning looks like an interesting take on the over-the-top 2D fighting series repurposed as a mobile-friendly fighting game. There was the CCG BlazBlue Battle Cards, which seems to have been pulled, but now BlazBlue RR is delivering an actual fighting game take on the series. Off the bat, the 3v3 structure looks a lot like Injustice (Free) does, but the combat is actually a lot more like a traditional fighting game, using a “tap-and-slide" control method that seems to have directional buttons along with swipe gestures for attacks in combat. So you should get some more aerial combat that will be a bit more complicated than the two-finger action of Injustice and Contest of Champions (Free) type games. Will this middle ground appeal to people? We’ll find out!

If you want to try this one out, the game has soft launched in Singapore, and there’s a preregistration campaign for the game to potentially net some bonuses. If you do download this, hop over to the game’s thread in our forums to chat about it. And of course, check out our guide to downloading soft launch games.

Singapore iTunes Link: BlazBlue RR