‘Color Switch’, Like ‘’ Yesterday, got an Update Which Added a New Endless Mode Called ‘Spin’ and More

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Recently, almost everywhere I look I see teenagers playing Color Switch (Free). If I were to judge by what I’m seeing, I’d say everyone is currently playing Color Switch, and I might not be too far off seeing how the game’s been hovering around Apple’s Top 10 Free Games over the last few days. Today, the game got a new update that adds a new endless mode, Spin, that – as you suspected – has you trying to hit those colors while everything is spinning. It pretty much looks like playing the normal mode while intoxicated. The mode is definitely entertaining and challenging and hits the sweet spot between making you want to throw the phone across the room and wanting to try the whole thing again.

The new update has also added 25 new levels as well as 3 balls, so no shortage of levels to play (not that the game was running that risk before this update). It’s always intriguing seeing what kinds of games capture gamers’ attention, and I can see how Color Switch managed to do so; simple yet challenging, with plenty of modes to keep it from going stale and a very colorful interface (as expected) that makes it visually appealing. Still brutal, though.

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