‘Swapperoo’ Gets Three Endless Modes in Infinity Update

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Fallen Tree Games has just delivered the Infinity update to Swapperoo ($1.99), which will let you play forever. Theoretically, you could play the game forever, but you could run out of electricity someday, and use up all the solar panels on Earth, and then the sun would someday consume the earth. But it’ll be a pretty sweet ride up until then with Swapperoo‘s 3 new endless modes. The first is just called Endless, and it starts off all calm and collected, but quickly gets crazier with the objectives that you have to play through. The same scoring rules are in play as the main levels, so being smart as well as staying alive will be key to high scores.

The other two modes are Gauntlet and Timed Gauntlet. Gauntlet has you trying to get through 26 levels from A to Z, all in one life without failing. Timed puts you up to the same task…but gives you a time limit. Good luck! As well as these new modes, a new colorblind option has been added that adds patterns to each block for those who had trouble distinguishing the different blocks. I’m always glad to see that feature added in.

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