‘King Rabbit’ Goes Free, Update with Expansion Pack Available Now

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RareSloth’s King Rabbit (Free) has just gotten the big update that was announced earlier this week, and along with it, the game has just gone free from its $0.99 regular price. The game was considered to go free-to-play at one point but eventually launched as a paid title, though with some IAPs for hints, customizations, unlocking levels, and unlimited slowing of time. Still, there are no lives or stamina to deal with, so you’re getting a game with IAPs that the developer considers optional for free. And with a big new content update today!

There are 64 new levels in the new Fire Adventures Expansion available now, which is available now for $0.99, though it will go up to $1.99 soon – they say within 72 hours of the release, so point is, if you want to save a dollar, get it now. 16 new levels have been added to the main campaign too, along with 5 new characters, and 10 new run customizations. The update for this game which we rated five stars is available now.

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