‘Hearthstone’ Hotfix Fixed Some Card Interactions and Made Old Murk-Eye and Captain’s Parrot Craftable

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) rule consistency – or lack thereof – has been an ongoing source of frustration for Hearthstone players, and the recent issues with card interactions post-Whispers of the Old Gods certainly haven’t helped the situation. Fortunately, many of those issues were, indeed, fixable, and Blizzard released a hotfix yesterday that should help you get surprised less often (at least from card interactions). The hotfix addressed an issue where the interaction between Mad Scientist, SI Agent, and Mirror Entity was not resolving as intended, and addressed an issue where Wild Pyromancer and Haunted Creeper’s Deathrattle were not resolving as they should. It also addressed an issue where Ancient Harbinger would add a 10-cost spell to your hand rather than a 10-cost minion (you had one job, Harbinger).

Playing Forbidden Healing at 0 mana with Spell Power in play will no longer cause it to deal damage, playing Cabal Shadow Priest while Brann Bronzebeard is in play alongside 5 other minions will no longer destroy the stolen minion, and there are also a couple more fixes that you can check out here. What might be interesting for those who enjoy playing Wild, Old Murk-Eye and Captain’s Parrot are now craftable (you couldn’t get them or craft them ever since Whispers of the Old Gods released). While both of those cards have been banished to the lands of Wild, they are both very fun to play with. Murloc OTK is still pretty strong in Wild, and Captain’s Parrot might be an interesting addition to the Pirate Warrior deck.

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