Even ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’ Can’t Escape Marvel’s Civil War

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In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, Marvel Avengers Academy (Free) is getting some Civil War content to coincide with the upcoming theatrical release of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War on May 6th. The new content revolves around campus safety and how best to protect the students. On the one side is Captain America, who wants to set up a training facility to better train and prepare the students while Iron Man – as always – wants to build an army of robots for protection. And, of course, these two different takes split the students in two. Each week, players get to unlock a new piece of Civil War story and get quests and prizes tied to the side chosen. Friends turn foes (and every one knows school is the most brutal battleground of all) and get to fight it out.

Marvel Avengers Academy

The new update also adds new students including Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s friend who’s better known as the Winter Soldier, Black Panther, whose agenda threatens to change the Academy forever, Madame Hydra, Crossbones, and more. All sounds very ominous, doesn’t it? Who knew students could be so dangerous? Go check out the new content and if you need help, check out our guide here.

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