‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’ is Coming to a Smartphone Near You this Summer

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Every time I write about Sentinels of the Multiverse ($6.99), the digital version of the hit co-op card game, I get at least one person wishing the game shrinks down to phone size because ever since release, the game has only been playable on the iPad. Well, Handelabra Studio has decided to make most Sentinels players’ wish come true as seen in this recently-released trailer showcasing the iPhone UI. The UI is subject to change, of course, but the trailer gives you a good idea of how the game will look on your phone. According to the announcement, which came out of the company’s current Kickstarter, smartphone support had been on the list before they even launched the game, but they knew it would take time to get it right.

Despite it just being announced, the developers have been working on smartphone support for some time now, and they estimate to release it as part of a Universal update at some point this summer. And it will be for both iOS and Android, so no one is getting left behind. The UI is a prototype, and you can expect a lot of tweaks by the time it launches, but I do like the way it looks in that trailer. Of course, it’s hard to know how good it is without playing it, but hopefully it will be great. So, if you’ve been dying to play Sentinels on the go, not too long to wait now.

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