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‘Nonstop Knight’, the Idle Action RPG from Kopla Games and Flaregames, Launching Worldwide June 2nd

nonstopknighticonThe mobile platform in an incredibly unique one. Our little devices are powerful enough nowadays to run games that are pretty comparable to full-blown games on PC and consoles, and there’s certainly an audience that craves those meaty game experiences on the go. However, there’s an even larger slice of the mobile audience who are simply looking to kill a few minutes of downtime here and there throughout the day without having to commit a ton of time or attention to a game. Enter the idle gaming genre. All the fun of progressing and completing missions without all that pesky playing.

It’s actually pretty cool that a player can get a little slice of “real" gaming in tiny chunks that fit into busy lives. The idle genre is slowly evolving too, and what was once filled with clickers that were almost entirely mindless is now seeing more interesting idle experiences like the recently-released War Tortoise (Free) that has you taking aim and blasting a variety of cool enemies in place of the usual mindless clicking. So this brings me to Nonstop Knight, an upcoming collaborative project between Royal Revolt 2 (Free) developers Flaregames and new Finnish startup studio Kopla Games. Nonstop Knight wants to be the action RPG of the idle genre, and it was originally announced back in February with this clever trailer.

In fact, Nonstop Knight has actually been in soft-launch since as far back as October of last year, and if you peruse the thread in our forums you can catch some video and impressions from those who took the dive early on the soft-launch version of the game. Those impressions were highly positive back then, but Nonstop Knight has been updated a bunch since that original soft-launch, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s changed. Those who were not in on the soft-launch but are interested in the game can look forward to Nonstop Knight releasing worldwide on June 2nd, Flaregames and Kopla have announced today. I’m actually a huge fan of clickers but definitely got burnt out on them, but War Tortoise really reinvigorated my interest. With Nonstop Knight’s fantastic production values and focus on a streamlined action RPG experience, I’m super excited to check it out.

If you have a Canadian or Australian iTunes account, you can grab the soft-launched version of Nonstop Knight using this link. It might also be in other regions, so it’s worth taking a look at your local App Store. For everyone else look for Nonstop Knight worldwide on iOS and Android on June 2nd.

Update: The release date for Nonstop Knight is actually June 2nd, not June 1st, and this article has been changed to reflect that.