‘Clash Royale’ Update is Now Live – Brings New Cards, Live Spectating, and Much More

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After dropping 4 sneak peeks, Supercell has finally stopped the teasing and released the Clash Royale (Free) update upon the world. If you haven’t been following our stories on the sneak peeks, this update brings six new cards – 3 Legendaries, 1 Common, 1 Rare, and 1 Epic – that you’ll get from Arena 5 and above. Some of the cards look great fun, especially Sparky and the Miner, and I look forward to seeing them in play. The update is also increasing some of the rewards, with players getting more gold for each win, crown chests containing double the loot, and more. It also adds Live Spectating to let you mock your friends while they lose and lets you pick what Arena battles you want to watch on TV Royale. You can now also copy anyone’s Battle Deck from their profile. These additions are fun since they should help the community grow even more by helping both streamers and tournaments.

There are also some big time nerfs in this update as Supercell tries to stay true to its philosophy of making the game less defensive. Mortar, Bomb Tower, Elixir Collector, and the Cannon have all been nerfed to various degrees while Mirror and Royal Giant slightly buffed. You can check all the nerfs and buffs here and all the other changes here. The servers should go live pretty soon, so get ready to both play with these new toys and watch others play, too.

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