‘Clash Royale’ Sneak Peek #2 Shows More Gold Rewards and Legendary Cards in the Shop

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Clash Royale (Free) continues to give us sneak peeks for the upcoming update. The second sneak peek, spoiled today, is all about better rewards, specifically giving out more gold for wins. After the patch hits, you’ll be getting gold after winning a battle, and you can get it up to 20 times a day. For Arena 1 you’ll get 5 gold, Arena 2 7 gold, Arena 3 9 gold, Arena 4 11 gold and you can request 20 cards and donate 4, Arena 5 12 gold, Arena 6 14 gold, Arena 7 15 gold, and Arena 8 20 gold. Also, it looks like the Chests will have better drops, but we don’t know all the details about that yet. If you multiply the new gold rewards by 20, you’ll see that it’s not that much gold overall, but it’s definitely an improvement and should help F2P players.

The other peek we got today is the presence of Legendary cards in the shop. You need to be Arena 8 for the Legendaries to appear and even then it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see Legendaries in the shop every day. Still, it’s an opportunity for players to get those Legendaries, although the gold cost is very, very high. That’s it for the second sneak peek, and we should have more spoilers tomorrow.

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