Fire Spirits, Furnace, and the Guards are 3 of the 6 New Cards in ‘Clash Royale’ Sneak Peek #3

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Now this is a fun sneak peek, isn’t it? The latest sneak peek from Supercell shows off the first 3 of the 6 new cards Clash Royale (Free) is getting in the upcoming update. The first one is Fire Spirits, a very fast 2-cost common troop that targets air and ground and does a lot of damage. It’s a kamikaze unit, so it blows up once it comes in contact with the enemy troops. It has low HP but does quite a bit of area damage. The second card is the Furnace, which spawns two Fire Spirits at a time for a total of 12. The Fire Spirits will be 2 levels above the Furnace level. Both Fire Spirits and Furnace unlock at Arena 5. The final spoiled card is the Guards unit, an Epic 3-cost troop that holds a shield. It unlocks at Arena 7 and is very fragile once the shield drops.

You can check out the units in action in the video above, and they look quite fun. I’m glad to see new units in the game, but I wish they were for lower Arenas as well because new players also enjoy playing with the newest toys. Maybe the rest 3 cards, which will be spoiled later, will be found in lower Arenas too. Stay tuned for more.

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