Kabam’s ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Gets New Civil War Features

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Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions (Free) has been a huge smash hit for the company, and with the concept providing opportunities for all sorts of Marvel characters to make appearances, it makes sense that each big Marvel movie would have special cameos. Next up is Captain America: Civil War, which has started releasing in theaters globally, with the North American premiere on May 6th. In commemoration of the movie, Contest of Champions has added in a Civil War event where players can play for Team Cap or Team Iron Man. You earn special shards for your side, that can be spend on faction crystals. You also get a boost for the faction you commit to. And with the Civil War features, Kabam has an exclusive clip from the movie:

Along with the Civil War features, you can also partake in solo events, including special Civil War solo events. With special prizes and global leaderboards for the event, there’s some motivation to participate in them. The update with the new features is out now.

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